Qias Omar's DreamQrew and APTHCRY teamed up to create this limited collection of socks. All featuring reflective lightning details!


Amber Vittoria is an artist and poet. Taking advantage of the fluidity of her ink, color pencil and acrylic paints, Amber creates aqueous rainbow gradients that dominate her compositions. Punctuated by simple graphite line drawings and impactful words, her work draws on her relationship to femininity, emotion and societal expectations.


HESKICKS, an OG sneaker content creator on youtube, Created this collection paying homage to his roots

Oh Its teddy

Artist / Tattooer / Vlogger / Designer extraordinaire


Philadelphia based artist with a passion for combining fine art with contemporary styling. Through a marriage of dynamic patterns and vibrant colors, he creates whimsical environments with characters created from a place of playful imagination and the natural world.


"Professional Live Copper"


Efdot is a visual artist and community builder rooted in New York. Using abstract figures, forms & bold lines, Efdot explores the contrast between playfulness and mischief.


Monsieur Banana brings pastel tones into your sock rotation. The collection features playful hearts and 3M details, making them the perfect companion to any sneaker.