By the time we reached the middle school hallway, our earliest t-shirt designs were for sale. One of us took their first job at a Vans store to customize more sneakers, while the other was featured in Sole Collector magazine before he was old enough to drive.

Two sneakerhead kids who later met as industrial design students in college noticed a demand for socks and other high quality staple tiems in the streetwear community that celebrated the unique style and stories of the individuals.


Fast forward (through countless trial and error) to today. Our unique mix of fashion and industrial design methodologies allows us to create collections that are both culturally inspired and technically superior. We pour our energy, experience, and self-expression into crafting the kind of socks we’d want to wear.

While we continue to push our craftsmanship to enhance fit and feel, we work exclusively with artists who share our passion for quality, collaborative designs. Whether you’re slipping on our everyday essentials, limited editions, or next collaboration, each item was designed without sacrificing Quality or artistic integrity.

2020 'till Infinity